from eight to twelve

February 27, 2018

Saturday: Drove through Ridgway on the way home from Telluride. Stopped at animal shelter for something to do. Fell in love.

Sunday: Contemplated adding a new family member. 

Monday: Packed car for a road trip. Loaded up Lila.

Tuesday: Woke up at 3:00. Got in car. Drove six hours through a blizzard. Adopted a dog that I didn't think we could live without. 


In my defense, it wasn’t a total impulse move. I had been regularly browsing the local humane society’s adoptable dogs up until that trip. And Tyler was well aware of my intentions. So really… it was his fault. He readily agreed to stop at the Second Chance Animal Shelter right outside of Ridgway, Colorado after we ran. In what world does one just CASUALLY walk into a shelter without the slightest intention of adopting an animal? But maybe that’s just me. 

Either way, we walked into the barn that served as the kennel, and there he was. “Roo” cowered in the corner of the first pen in the aisle. Tyler immediately beckoned me over, gushing over this shy, adorable blue-healer mix. Next thing we knew, an exuberant, bearded volunteer was in the pen, wrestling a leash onto Roo, and ushering us into the meeting room. After a few minutes of getting to know him, Tyler and I looked at each other, confirming the obvious: this dog was put on this planet to be in our small family. 


After discussing with the volunteer, we came upon the conclusion that it was a big decision… and we should probably sleep on it a couple nights. Plus, Lila needed to meet him. And Lila was back with her Boulder grandparents for our weekend trip. It took a little while for us to part with this dopey mutt, but eventually we hopped back in the car and began the drive home. 


We spent the night in Buena Vista and climbed Mt. Princeton the following day. Roo on both of our minds the whole way. The drive back was dedicated to more dog talk. Was it feasible? Yes. Would it be a challenge? Without a doubt. Was it worth it? Probably. And probably was good enough for me. To everybody’s (and I mean everybody's) surprise, I embarked on the twelve hour drive for an animal that I had only spent about thirty minutes with. 


We've expanded our little family from eight capable feet to twelve. Rooster Wilson has now been with us for three weeks, he’s already shared countless miles with us, and completely won over our hearts. Sometimes a twelve hour drive is just something you have to do to listen to that little voice in the back of your head. I think I speak for Tyler, as well, when I say that Roo has been one of the best impulsive decisions that either of us have ever made. 





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