lila's lil' shady past

March 22, 2018

Not many people know Lila's story. Most just know her as the badass little terrier thing that overwhelms my instagram. You all know how cool she is, and what she's capable of, but only a few of you know where she actually came from. So here... Maybe you'll even learn a couple things about me.


After I graduated from high school, I needed to get out of Boulder. I'd lived there my entire life, and had no appreciation for the flatirons and crazy peaks surrounding us. So, I moved to Costa Rica, where I taught 1st-3rd grade and ran a donut business with my roommate, Joy. Joy and I would spend our days working from seven to three at the school, and then we'd head over to roll out the dough in our barely-legal-but-nobody-cared hole in the wall that we'd turned into a source of income.


During the high season - when the tourists flocked to the sandy beaches during the day and then retreated to the cool mountains that bordered the ocean when they couldn't take the heat and humidity anymore - Lila came into my (and my two other roommates) life. She was the size of the Run Steep Get High or Dirtbag Runner trucker hat that the majority of you own at least one of. Emaciated and terrified, she was probably only six or seven weeks old. Obviously, I begged and pleaded for the roommates to let me keep her. They didn't need too much convincing. 


Every morning we'd walk the Costanera from our house in Bahia to the school in Uvita. The Costanera was the costal highway that had no speed limit and barely any shoulder. And every morning I'd try to lock the puppy up in a house with bars for windows and a cat that taught Lila everything she needed to know about escaping. So, yes, every morning, usually when we were about half way down the highway, we'd hear Lila's little legs scampering up behind us. It became a game for her, but horrifying for us. I would see the dogs that had been hit the previous day and have nightmares of Lila becoming one of them. 


During school hours, Lila would sit by the door and watch me teach, or she'd harass the neighboring homes. Begging for second breakfast. Later in the day, she'd run into the shop, hiding from all the students. Lila became well known around town, and was recognized as Gringo's (the donut shop's) mascot. What health code?! 


In the winter of 2016, I decided it was time to leave Costa Rica, and come back home to Boulder. That December, Lila became a mountain dog. And I became a mountain lover. And I guess we both started running right about then. 


Ever since that winter, Lila's been on nearly every adventure. From a five mile post-work-catch-the-sunset trail run, to every fifth class thirteener, she's been by my side. I don't just say this because she's my dog... she's the best mountain dog out there. Who knew the streets of Costa Rica could produce such incredible athletes?




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