Moab, Utah

February 25, 2019

One of my goals for the new year was to keep everyone updated on our adventures! I'm not so good at Instagram, and given that frequent blog updates was a goal of mine for the new year, I'm apparently not so good at that either... It's never too late to take on a New Year's Resolution, so here we go!


After spending the early winter months on the West Coast, Ellie and I had to make a quick trip back to CO to clear out some storage and make the rounds with the family. The cold and snow quickly scared us and our unseasonably tanned extremities off, so we began the journey back west! The first stop was Moab, UT.


If you haven't been to the area, it's a must see! It has amazing trails and a pretty moderate climate through the winter. I will caution against going crazy on these trails as they are a mix of slickrock and sand (the combination is similar to running on off-camber concrete or deep snow and can absolutely trash your lower-legs)!


How to do Moab in a van (or out of the car and on the cheap if that's what you have to work with)!


Where to stay! 

There are many campsites in the canyons immediately surrounding the town of Moab. However, at $20/night, you may as well either stay in one of the cheaper motel rooms or find some of the 'freer' options outside of town. There is a lot of BLM land immediately north of town and you will see fellow RV's, vans, and tents taking advantage of these free accommodations! 


Where to run! 

Like I mentioned, there are about a million options around the area. We spent some time outside of Gemini Bridges on some flatter and buffed out terrain. If you are looking for some winding single-track, check out Pritchett Canyon! The trail run project is a great resource for this (and all) areas!


We're always on the lookout for a good place to snag a shower. You may be able to survive a few days in the desert without washing off, but over time the sand will drive you crazy! We have found that the moab rec center is the best option in town! Additionally, there were public trash and recycle bins. We recycle in the van, and any time we find a public bin, we just about fill it!



Given that we're always within eyesight of our kitchen, we don't eat out much. However, if you do, there are some incredible options. When I used to do weekend climbing trips to Moab, we would end every one at Milt's for burgers and shakes. There is also an amazing quesadilla food truck and great vegan eating options as well! 



After Moab, we continued west. We saw snow in Vegas and it followed us to LA! More updates to come! 




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