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We're Probably Running

If you ask me what I'm doing...I'm probably running, but I could also be coaching! I'd love to help you reach your goals, and your potential as a runner.


As a coach, my goal is also to foster a healthy relationship with running, and to make it a fun, engaging, and sustainable aspect of your life. 

Tyler Fox

Tyler has been running ultras since 2016. He grew up hiking, skiing, and rock climbing, but found trail running to be his favorite mountain activity! 

Tyler has his BA in Integrative Physiology and loves combining his passions of both physiology and running.

Tyler has wins at The Bear 100 and Never Summer 100k, a course record at Devil on the Divide 50k, and experience in every standard ultra distance.

Ideally, this list of 'race accomplishments' will continue to grow, but he's equally thrilled to be coaching his athletes to add to their list of accomplishments as well!

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Weekly scheduling

I update scheduling weekly with built in flexibility for when life gets busy or things don't go according to plan

strength and mobility

Optional strength and mobility plans for different phases of your training cycle and your goals! 

daily communication

I check in daily and want your feedback! Otherwise, what good is a coach?!


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