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Another week in the books! Things got hectic around the house again in mostly good ways. Ellie and I both experienced some midweek car issues that put a wrinkle in the week, but these are the sorts of things that are getting us mentally prepared for parenting! On top of this, Ellie has us renovating the entire house (a bit of an exaggeration…but also somewhat true) so things have not been boring recently!

Running is still a bit touch-and-go on this end and this is kind of the best time of the year to have some issues surfacing, so I’m not complaining too much! Things will sort themselves out shortly and ‘having’ to take some extra down time when it’s snowing and below freezing isn’t too hard of a sell!

Additionally, it’s given me some added time to think about the next few newsletters and a plan of attack to get you all some additional resources to reference! Some of the long-time athletes may have remembered a few videos Ellie and I put together back in the day when we were in the van. I’m going to try and start a little video ‘mobility/rolling series’ for the crew with the intention of bringing the old Youtube channel out of dormancy! This has been in the back of my mind for a while now, but now that we officially have a strong enough internet connection to tackle this, I have less of an excuse!

Most of what I will be sharing is coming from resources that I’ve found online and have experimented with myself over the years. There’s soooooo much info out there and my intent is to cover a good routine for each muscle group and then do a consolidated ‘tutorial’ that isn’t too time intensive and should be easy to incorporate into the schedule most days! A little bit every day is far better than a lot on occasion, but I want to make sure to dive in depth with various areas and various tools so if time allows, you can put a focused effort on problem areas.

Lastly, I’m neither a DPT, MD, or a lawyer. I’m not an ‘expert’ on recovery modalities, but have a good sense of what does/doesn’t work! Just don’t sue me :)! Rest and sleep are always the gold standard when it comes to recovery. If something is presenting as a sharp pain, assume rest is the best course of action and rolling isn’t going to make that discomfort go away immediately. Everything works better as a preventative course of action and always shoot over questions/concerns regarding injuries or little problem areas!

That’s all for today! I’ll plan on sending out an email once I get a video put together (also…I’m just super excited to upload something now that we have Starlink and don’t have to worry about running out of ‘high speed’ data)!

Listen: No joke…I’ve been listening to a good bit of Taylor Swift recently. She’s amazing and don’t judge!

Read: I picked up a copy of The Science of Running by Steve Magness recently. There’s nothing revolutionary (it’s an older reference by this point), but I always appreciate someone who tries to tackle ‘all of’ the relevant information for runners and coaches alike!

Watch: The Netflix show Ozark is a good one! The most recent season came out last week and I’m slowly picking my way through the second episode at this point!


We’ll also be visiting my Grandma for her Birthday this coming weekend and I’ll be away from the computer more than usual on Saturday and Sunday. Please send over any questions or concerns via text (303.408.3457)!

Jim O. raced Hellcat 30k a couple of weekends back and I missed it! Jim just ‘randomly’ did this race and had a great day in nasty conditions as a training run for bigger goals to come!

Allegra K. ran the Arches 50k with her husband, Edward, for his first ultra finish! I know how long distances, fatigue, and running with someone you’re very comfortable around can ‘escalate’ so I’m sure this was a heroic couple’s race effort!

Kohl K. ran the 50 miler at the same race this past weekend! First off, I’ve told Ellie more than once that I will never run longer than a 50k in Moab because it’s so freaking hard. On top of that, Kohl has been training through the middle of the winter in Bozeman (no easy task) and is just recovering from a ‘cold’ (i.e. the same cold everyone seems to be getting right now). Heroic effort to even get to the finish line of that thing!

Callum C. raced at the Southern Championship XC event on Saturday! Apparently it was a rough day, but you wouldn’t know it just looking at the race on paper!

David F. raced the Trail de La Galinette 26k and ran a pretty great race against some stacked competition! David has a bright future in this sport and these little successes along the way are fun to witness!

Mak S. took 3rd and 2nd this past weekend in the SoCal Spartan Super 10k and Sprint 5k…in the elite divisions!!! I can’t really put words to this that describe how big of a freaking deal this is, but I do know that Mak is going to take that world by storm in the coming year(s) and can’t wait to see it all happen!

Ben L. was 18th overall this past weekend at the Inter-Services Championships and did so while balancing a busy job and life as a new dad! I’m definitely taking note :)!

Martim M. is new to the group and I really had nothing to do with his day…but he took SECOND at a local race in Madeira on Saturday! I can already tell Martim is going to have an incredible year!

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